Are You Confused & Frustrated And Frustrated With Health Insurance?

Are you tired of the Health Insurance run- a- round? Does the thought of getting Health Insurance confuse or frustrate you? Make you physically ill? If this is the case, let me put that anxiety to rest and explain the reasons for health insurance and some “must have” benefits.

Health Insurance is a necessary life saving, and asset saving vehicle. If purchased correctly, you can use the money saved for more productive purposes such as: Critical Illness Protection, adequate Life Insurance protection for your family, college funds, retirement plans and investments that provide fixed total returns of 12% to 200%. In other words, design a Health Insurance policy as a Risk Management Tool and NOT a Health Care Plan.

The other factor to explain is why you should use an Independent Insurance Advisor vs. a Health Insurance Agent.

A Health Insurance Agent works for a captive agency or one company and has to sell the same plan to every family. They typically have quotas and are not concerned about the future relationship with you because 90% of the business is lost in the first year. They are also forced to focus on the premium amount and not the benefits offered. Most times, you are paying more for less benefits. How does that make you feel?

An Independent Insurance Advisor has the freedom to match his clients with the right company based on specific needs and budget. Also, your premium is the same whether buying direct or through a broker. Next, you receive service from the insurance company as well as the broker. Lastly, most professional brokers will have a portfolio of products and can only succeed through long term relationships. Numerous times we have saved the client up to 50% off their existing premiums and offered more benefits! Even dental & vision insurance! How would a savings of 50% make you feel?

With all of this said, I would like you to get my short 9 page book that explains in more detail the health insurance game and how to avoid the craziness of health insurance. The book will give you everything you need to make correct decisions in regards to health insurance. To get the book, please email me at: [email protected], or you can go to my web site: []

Thank you.

How to Obtain Free Health Care

This is not an article about how to get free health care insurance or insurance coverage. This article addresses how to get free medical care in certain circumstances.

Hospital Care

If you are ever in need to hospital care, expect even a short stay to cost tens of thousands of dollars. If you do not have health insurance coverage, just a stay of a few days can bring you financial ruin and bankruptcy. If you need hospital care and do not have insurance or cannot afford to pay for the care, contact the Hill-Burton Hotline at 800-638-0742. Through this program, hundreds of hospitals and care facilities participate in a no-cost program for providing health care services to those who cannot pay.

In 1946, Congress passed a law that gave hospitals, nursing homes and other health facilities grants and loans for construction and modernization. In return, they agreed to provide a reasonable volume of services to persons unable to pay and to make their services available to all persons residing in the facility’s area. The program stopped providing funds in 1997, but about 200 health care facilities nationwide are still obligated to provide free or reduced-cost care.

Eye Care

Buy a newspaper or pick up a Yellow pages and check out the community service section pages. Often there will be announcements by the Kiwanis or Lions Clubs of America discussing programs that provide for free or very low-cost eye care services, eyeglasses and eye exams. There may also be help from your individual state’s Elderly or Aging Office. Each state is different but most have a wide variety of eye-care programs. You can find more information at

Free Dental Care

When you are in need of dental services, consider having these service performed at any one of more than 50 dental schools across the country. Each dental school operates a learning clinic that provides basic dentistry services that include cleanings, X-rays, checkups and fillings. Each clinic is different but there is a good chance that you can also get more advanced services such as crowns, root canal, bridges and denture work done at greatly reduced prices. The savings come from the fact that students do the work but they are learning under the direct supervision of licensed professors. To locate a dental school, just go the American Dental Education Associations web site at Look for a link about “Dental Schools” or something referring to education programs. While at the site, check for a list of dentists who volunteer their services to assist those without insurance and who cannot afford to pay for basic dental care.

You can also check with colleges and universities in your area directly and inquire as to whether or not they have dental schools and a program similar to the one described herein.